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Customizing Uniforms

Create a unique and customized image for your uniforms to better represent your brand using our quality services for:
* Embroidery
* Crests
* Screen printing
* H
eat sealed graphics services

We Need

We require your logo file in a jpeg format showing colours as a reference for embroidery/crests thread, and either an Illustrator or Corel file for screen printing/heat sealed graphics.

Please be ready to advise the preferred width of your embroidered/screen printed logo(s). The height is then made proportional based on your logo. If you are not sure about width, provide your logo in jpeg and we will suggest an appropriate size for the placement(s) you are interested in.

If you already have an embroidery computer disc or a special DST embroidery file that works with embroidery machines, it may be emailed to us along with your logo's jpeg file. If you had embroidery completed elsewhere previously the DST embroidery set up file prepared for that belongs to you and will be emailed to you on request to your previous embroidery company. This will save you another Embroidery File Set Up charge mentioned below.

Getting Started - Set Up

With reference to your logo artwork we create a specialized embroidery DST file that works with embroidery machines. An Embroidery File Set Up charge will apply, and a quote is provided before proceeding.

This Set Up charge is for the first embroidery Order only. If the logo/embroidery is changed in some way for a future Order, depending on the extent of the changes, an Editing Fee or a new Set Up charge will apply then.


For embroidery/crests, and to a lesser degree screen printing, there are reductions in cost with increased volume per Order, subject to pricing gradients.

For example, embroidery per piece pricing decreases with a higher volume based on these gradients:
1-6 pieces, 7-11, 12-47, 48-99, 100... for the same size and complexity of logo.
We provide this detail with your quote as it may be worth considering to increase your quantities to the next volume level to lower embroidery per piece pricing.

Also, where an embroidery is completed, and what item is embroidered, impacts pricing. As an example, a standard chest placement on shirts... is less than placing the same logo on a sleeve, collar...

Contact us with your ideas on what you need so we may assist with suggestions for different options. We will develop a package, with options and pricing, for review to assist preparing for your final Order.

Embroidery sample
  Embroidery sample

Embroidery Sample

  Embroidery Sample   Heat Sealed Graphic