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Measuring PDF version to print

Garments are cut to accommodate active working conditions. Look at the information below on how to get the best size and comfortable fit.




Be sure to measure your body. Do not measure over shirts or slacks. Hold soft tape measure close but not tight against the body.

BUST – Measure across fullest part of bust/chest keeping arms relaxed at sides. Keep tape measure straight and parallel to the floor.

WAIST – Measure at your natural waistline at its smallest part.




As a general rule, the number of inches measured will equal your size, when measured correctly. Be sure to measure your body. Do not measure over shirts or slacks.

NECK – Measure around the base of neck (lowest part). Number of inches equals neck size. Do not add for extra space, the shirt manufacturer already does this in their cut.

SLEEVE LENGTH – Start from the center of the back of the neck and measure across the shoulder, along the back of your arm,to the elbow and down to the wrist.

CHEST – With arms at sides, measure across fullest part of the chest, under arms measure and across shoulder blades. Keep soft tape measure straight across back.

WAIST – Measure at your natural waist at the height you naturally wear your pants. Keep the tape measure firm but not tight.

INSEAM – Measure inside of leg from crotch down to top of shoe. Or measure a similar style of pants that fit well. Measure from the crotch seam to the hem.