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In addition to uniforms for the hospitality industry, we offer an assortment of other uniforms suitable for various service and health industry businesses.

A professional appearance for your staff creates an important favourable first impression.

Create your image of quality and professionalism with unique and distinctive uniforms.

Our aim is to provide our Canadian customers with the best selection, quality, service, price and prompt delivery.

We offer convenient one stop shopping for a wide range of uniform products and price points including some 15 major lines.

Let us help, and save you time shopping.

Lab Coats

RP6100 Men's Lab Coats
Buttons, 3 outside pockets - White
RP6400 - snaps, 3 pockets - White, Light Blue
- snaps, 2 pockets - White
- snaps, 2 pockets outside, 1 inside top - White
RP6095 - Snap Enclosure, no Pockets - White, Grey
RP6095KC - Knitted Cuffs, snaps, no Pockets - White, Grey
RP610EW - Elastic Cuffs, snaps, 3 pockets - White

65 Poly/35 Cotton Poplin

RP6185 Women's Lab Coats - buttons, 3 pockets - White
- snaps, 3 pockets - White, Light Blue
RP6190 - snaps, 2 pockets - White, Light Blue
RP615EW - snaps, elastic cuffs, 3 pockets - White

Knit Cuffs may be added to 6185/6180/6190