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      Our Valued Customers

      Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Banquet Halls, Catering Businesses, Event Centres, Golf Clubs and other Private Clubs, Retirement Homes, Condominiums, Corporations and Government for dining and meeting rooms, Community Centres, Service Businesses, Consulates...

      From small businesses to large we have customers coast to coast.

      This web site illustrates only a portion of career apparel and other supplies we offer to Canadian Hospitality, Food Service, and other industries. Due to the extensive number of items we offer, not all are on this website or in our catalogues. The website and catalogues are offered to help initiate ideas and make progress with your search. We can then help you finalize your selection and Order.

      Contact us for more product information, we look forward to helping you. Let us know your objectives and interests, and we will prepare a custom package of items, with pricing, for you to review.

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      A Broad Range of Choices

      We offer a wide range of items and price points to choose from within our product groups. Let us make your purchasing process easier with one stop shopping. We can help with suggestions and selection based on decades of helping businesses such as yours.


      From the largest corporation to the smallest family business, one of the main ingredients in a recipe for success is a positive, professional image. One step toward creating a positive image is the distinctive appearance of well dressed staff.

      Casual or formal, whichever best expresses professionalism for your business and occasion, a well dressed look reaps many rewards. Customers speak positively and return to a business where image and identity is favourable. A neat, attractive apparel program is remembered. We can make that happen for you.

      Another significant benefit for your business results from employees looking and feeling part of your team. Staff representing your company with greater pride and performance. From front desk, to dining areas, kitchen, housekeeping, maintenance, security... staff will appreciate your commitment to quality uniforms.

      We offer convenient one stop shopping for a wide range of uniform products and price points, including some 15 major lines. We are not limited to 1 line. For items you initially select we may add additional recommendations as available, sending photos by email, along with pricing of all items, as part of an overall package for you to review.



      Your supplies on display are very important as well. We offer a wide variety of quality items to enhance your business.

      Table Coverings, Napkins...
      Woven fabrics, flannel backed vinyl, rolls of vinyl, laminated fabric, contemporary stretchy Form Fit table covers...

      Table Skirting/Stage Skirting
      plus related supplies including Skirting Clips and Skirting Hangers.